Dos and Don’ts During a Divorce

Two people sit across from a third person signing papers, there is a gavel in front of the third person, signifying that he is an attorney, the two people sitting across the third are finalizing their divorce

Going through a divorce can be a very difficult and emotional process. Because it is filled with emotion and drama, the divorce process can draw out the worst in people. Divorcing couples make mistakes all of the time before, during, and even after getting divorced.  But if you keep a calm head and avoid giving […]

15 Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

Two people sitting across from each other, only their clasped hands are showing, their wedding rings are off and sitting in front of them, in between the two of them are divorce papers

Marriages break up for many reasons. Most of the time, each side can point to several factors that caused a relationship to break up. But the real-world reasons for getting a divorce have to fit into what the law says are allowed grounds for divorce in Tennessee. If you are contemplating a divorce, the best […]