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Child custody is a difficult matter to settle. Whether you’re going through a divorce or a custody dispute, Kirk Catron, Attorney at Law in Murfreesboro, TN is here to help. Our divorce attorney can help you create a parenting plan that works for you, your former spouse, and your child.

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Child custody in Tennessee

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You need to understand the different forms of child custody before you move forward with your dispute. There are two primary forms of custody in Tennessee, including:

  1. Legal custody-legal custody pertains to the right of a parent to make decisions about the child’s medical care, education, and more.
  2. Physical custody-physical custody refers to who a child lives with, spends most of their time with, and who makes decisions regarding daily childcare.


A court can grant either of these custody options as sole or joint custody, giving primary custody to one or both parents. Speak to our divorce attorney today for more information on custody laws in Tennessee.