Going through a divorce can be a very difficult and emotional process. Because it is filled with emotion and drama, the divorce process can draw out the worst in people. Divorcing couples make mistakes all of the time before, during, and even after getting divorced. 

But if you keep a calm head and avoid giving in to your emotions, you can make the process easier and get it over with quicker. The outcome of the divorce might be better for you as well.

This article will discuss what to do during a divorce and what not to do during a divorce. As always, if you have questions or need help, contact an experienced divorce attorney immediately.

Do Be Honest

There is no reason to lie or steal during your divorce. You may be extremely upset with your soon-to-be ex-partner and want to punish them. But be honest, especially when discussing your case with your attorney. 

If you are caught cheating the system and telling falsehoods, especially in front of the court, you will not only significantly hurt your case, but you can also get into serious trouble.

Do Get an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Don’t get legal advice from your Aunt Sally or your third cousin or the hairdresser. Speak to someone who has been successfully handling Tennessee divorces for years and knows the law.

Don’t Post on Social Media

Although it’s hard to stay away from social media in today’s world, making posts about your ex — or even just about your life — can come back to haunt you. 

It’s normal to want to post pictures and stories about what you’re doing, especially for fun. But those posts can be twisted around in court to make you look bad. Just have a blanket rule that you won’t post on social media until your divorce is final.

Don’t Argue with Your Ex over Text or Email

Don’t have huge text arguments with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, especially if you feel an urge to say cruel or mean things or use profane language. Those texts can come back to haunt you in court. If you have to communicate with your spouse, just discuss the facts — and that’s it.

Don’t Stalk Your Former Spouse

Don’t follow your spouse around. Intrusively checking up on them or following them could be considered harassment or stalking. If you get caught and the police get involved, it could look very bad for you.

Don’t Try to “Get Even”

Many divorcing couples want to be vindictive and “get even” against their spouses for the wrongs they believe they have suffered. Don’t do this. Doing things like damaging property just makes you look unstable and could get you arrested. Being arrested could negatively affect your chances for custody and other issues in the divorce.

Don’t Fight Every Issue

If you fight every issue, it will cause your divorce process to take forever and will also cost a lot of money. Also, it will make you seem like the unreasonable one.

Don’t Date

The best advice is not to date during the divorce process. It can certainly have a negative effect on your child custody wishes.

Don’t Take on New Debt

If possible, don’t take on new debt. Going through a divorce process can cost a lot of money from attorneys’ fees, court costs, and the splitting of assets. Taking on new debt now just puts extra stress on you. Get everything resolved and finished first so that you know where you stand financially.

Don’t Refuse Mediation

Don’t refuse to participate in mediation. And when you attend mediation sessions, participate in good faith and put forth an honest effort to have the issues resolved.

Don’t Violate Court Orders

There may be several temporary orders while the divorce process is being worked through. Don’t violate these court orders. Violations could come back to hurt you in the final outcome of the case.

Don’t Use Your Children to Hurt the Other Parent

Although it is unfortunately common, you shouldn’t use your children as weapons to hurt the other parent. You should never discuss adult issues, especially the divorce, with your children. It’s bad for your child and makes you look vindictive.

Don’t Be a Passive Participant in the Divorce Process

Don’t just let things happen to you. Contact an experienced lawyer who can help you during a divorce and make arguments on your behalf. Stand up for yourself!

Don’t Engage in Violence

No matter what your spouse says to you, don’t engage in violence. Never put your hands on your ex-spouse. This can get you arrested and also sink your chances of a fair divorce. Even if you’re on the receiving end of harassment during divorce proceedings, don’t respond in kind.

An Experienced Tennessee Divorce Attorney Can Help

If you need help with a Tennessee divorce, do not hesitate to call us. Kirk Catron, Attorney at Law, will be waiting for your call to honestly answer your questions and develop a plan. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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