Family law issues, like divorce or child custody disputes, can be incredibly stressful, and their outcomes are often uncertain. In family law cases, relationships and living situations can be altered drastically. Your financial well-being and standard of living may hang in the balance of the legal outcomes. 

Issues related to family law require an experienced family law attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your best interests during difficult times. Attorney Kirk Catron delivers compassionate representation and aggressive defense in many types of family law cases. 

Kirk Catron is a leader in family law in Middle Tennessee. His knowledge and expertise lead other family law attorneys to frequently seek his advice and guidance to better serve their own clients. 


Divorce is difficult, even when it’s amicable. When a divorce is contested, it can grow into a legal headache that extends over a long period of time. Whatever the conditions of your divorce, it’s important to work with an experienced divorce attorney to facilitate the process and ensure your interests are protected. 

Kirk Catron assists clients in crafting a marital settlement agreement that addresses many complicated issues, including: 

The longer a marriage has lasted, the more likely it is that spouses have complex financial situations that require skill and experience to divide in a fair manner. 

When you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement through mediation and settlement, it becomes necessary to go to court for a judge’s verdict. Kirk Catron is an experienced trial lawyer, and he has the skills and experience to aggressively advocate for your rights before a judge. 

Kirk Catron is a highly-esteemed divorce attorney serving clients in Middle Tennessee. He has a track record of successfully helping clients navigate all aspects of the divorce and separation process. 

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most difficult and emotional legal situations a parent can experience. Parents strive to provide for their children’s best interests. Yet when two parents have different views of what’s best for a child, it creates a complex legal situation. 

When you’re facing a child custody case, you need a child custody attorney with a long history of applying child custody laws to fight for the best outcome.

In the State of Tennessee, parents are required to first attempt to create a child custody agreement through mediation. Mediation is a crucial step of the child custody process. 

When it isn’t successful, your custody agreement will be determined by a judge instead of the parents. Successful mediation is necessary to maintain control of a custody agreement. 

Kirk Catron is an experienced child custody attorney with a long history of helping clients come to agreements that work for both parents. His knowledge of child custody law helps parents rest assured that his advice protects their child’s best interests. 

When a parent refuses to compromise in mediation, Kirk Catron provides experienced and successful representation in court. His knowledge of child custody law and parental rights helps achieve the best outcomes for parents and their children. 

Child Support

Child support is an essential part of any agreement between two parents who do not live together. However, child support can be highly contentious. Many factors influence how a child support payment is determined.  

It’s common for life changes to alter the amount of child support one parent must pay to the other. Reasons to pursue child support modification include:

Kirk Catron helps clients navigate the child support modification process, and successfully build a strong case for why and how support payments should change. 

When one parent refuses to adhere to a current child support agreement, Kirk Catron can initiate legal action against the parent in contempt of an established parenting plan. 

A Family Law Attorney on Your Side 

Family law issues are difficult. Don’t risk your family’s future and finances by settling for inexperienced representation.

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