Criminal defenses and offenses in Tennessee analyze common-law and statutory crimes to assist those who defend, judge and prosecute criminal cases. The criminal justice system of Tennessee incorporates a wide range of county and city law enforcement agencies, a public defense system, state and local corrections, and a prosecution arm.

Human rights can be defined as basic rights that everyone should enjoy, regardless of sex, language, religion, nationality or any other status. They ensure equality and fairness in the society. A criminal defense can help to defend clients if  their human rights are violated.

In Tennessee, criminal lawyers deal with major areas of crime; from murder to theft, sexual assault to conspiracy. They work hard to reduce the adverse effects of arrest and offer quality legal representation to people accused of committing crimes.

At Kirk Catron, we provide strong representation for customers arrested or accused for crimes throughout Tennessee.

Understanding Your Rights in Tennessee

Everyone in Tennessee has specific rights that are offered by both the Tennessee and the United States constitutions. People charged with various crimes in Tennessee may enjoy more rights than persons in other states.

To safeguard and preserve the human rights of crime victims to due process and justice, criminals shall be entitled to the following fundamental rights:

There are three major institutions within the criminal justice system in Tennessee including:

1. Law enforcement: Here the agency officials investigate a crime and collect enough evidence to support and identify criminal charges against a suspect.

2. The judicial court system: The jury or judge weighs the evidence presented by the officials to determine whether a suspect is guilty of the offense or not. However, he must show that there is enough evidence to prove that the suspect is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

3. The correction system: Based on the extent of the crime’s, the judge will hand a penalty or prison sentence during sentencing proceedings. The correction system facilities will enforce the sentence to correct and punish the behavior of the defendant.

Throughout each stage of the criminal justice process, safeguards exist to make sure that the constitutional rights of the convicted and accused are respected. These safeguards balance the powers of the criminal justice process with those of criminal defendants.

Criminal Cases in Tennessee

Types of Criminal Cases in Tennessee

The Tennessee justice system classifies criminal offenses into two main categories. They are either termed as a misdemeanor or as a felony.

Simply put, misdemeanors are regarded as “lesser” crimes than felonies: they are less violent, carry lesser sentences and do less physical harm.

The main difference between felonies and misdemeanors is that misdemeanors are penalized by a year or less in a year and felonies are punishable by over one year in prison.

Felonies are all grave crimes that have a significant impact on lives, as well as property of other people. Of course, the more serious the crime, the more harsh the punishment. For instance, a kid who steals from a shop won’t face the same charges as someone who used his gun to rob a store owner.

At Kirk Catron, our experienced defense lawyers represent customers of committing all kinds of felony crimes including:

  1. Sexual assault or rape: This is a felony charge which could see victims face a jail term of sixty years or more.
  2. Robbery: The state of Tennessee punishes robbery offenders severely with a jail term of 15 years and $10K in fines.
  3. Homicide: Killing a person is a severe felony and victims may face either life imprisonment or a death sentence.
  4. Kidnapping: This is a serious crime in Tennessee and offenders could face a three-year jail term.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or your loved one has been charged or arrested with a crime, you will need the immediate help of a criminal defense attorney familiar with Tennessee’s criminal justice system. A good criminal defense attorney can educate you about your rights and evaluate the facts of your case in all stages of the criminal justice process.

But how do you choose the right attorney for your criminal case in Murfreesboro?

When searching for a Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney, you will want to identify the best lawyer for your case. As such, you should focus on the skill level, legal team, knowledge and lawyer’s years of experience.

Whether guilty or innocent, it is a brilliant idea to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Murfreesboro to handle your case. Filing paperwork, talking to a police officer, and posting bail, can be daunting.

Here are some of the advantages a criminal defense lawyer can provide:

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If you are facing criminal offenses in Murfreesboro or surrounding areas and are not well prepared, there can be devastating effects. A criminal conviction may lead to being jailed as well as incurring huge court costs and fines.

Without proper help and guidance from a competent defense lawyer, navigating your way through the justice system will be hard. But we have some good news. Partnering with an experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer may assist you in avoiding getting a conviction. Call Kirk Catron, Attorney at Law at 615-225-5290 to schedule a free consultation and obtain the defense you require during a very challenging time.

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