Understanding Alimony Rights in Tennessee

A woman is sitting at a lawyer's office with a gavel in the background, opening an envelope, which is presumed to be alimony money

Alimony is a term that people often throw around, but it’s little understood. Many people have questions about when alimony can be ordered and who should get it after a divorce.  If alimony is granted, how much should it be? For how long should it be paid? Does alimony affect child support?  These are all […]

How Is Custody Determined in Tennessee?

wooden block carved out with a mother on the far left, two child in the middle, and a father on the far right, all holding hand, a gavel is laid diagonally across the bottom on the photo, a pair of glasses are laid at the top left corner, going out of frame

Child custody is one of the most hotly contested issues that divorcing parents must contend with. In some cases, a child custody arrangement can be worked out between the parents without the court’s intervention. But sometimes, custody can turn into a huge fight. You may have a lot of questions: How is custody determined in […]